ParaInvite 5 revolutionizes viral marketing for Joomla!

ParaInvite 5

Introducing ParaInvite 5.0

SIMBunch has once again made a breakthrough in viral invites management with ParaInvite 5. A whole slew of new features are introduced with this version, and it is now essentially a 4-in-1 software:

  1. Contacts and Invites Management
  2. Namecards
  3. Content Sharing
  4. Quick Login

ParaInvite 5 also introduces Schemes, a completely new and revolutionary way to fully customize your invite and sharing messages. It is highly recommended that you read the full description of schemes to better understand how you can use it to create unlimited types of content sharing for your website.

As I have made huge changes to the documentation to illustrate these features in detail, we will just go through the 2 big new features here: Content Sharing and Quick Login.

Content Sharing

ParaInvite 5 introduces a BIG feature which allows your users to share every single page of your website using fully customizable and unique messages using schemes. This is done by either using the new ParaInvite Content Plugin (you can see an example at the end of this article!), or the new ParaInvite Share Module (for sharing any page through the module that appears on specific pages depending on its settings).

More information about Content Sharing is available here.

Quick Login

Many other commercial plugins provide this feature at a price, but ParaInvite 5 included it with absolutely no additional cost! Your users can now login and register on your site with a single click of a button. If a user is a non-member, an account will be created automatically.

More information about Quick Login is available here.

ParaInvite 5 is the culmination of months of work, and I would like to thank all my users and friends for their support!

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Joomla! World Conference 2014


The Joomla! World Conference 2014 is here, and SIMBunch is proud to promote the event. From now until November 1st, simply use the coupon code SIMBUNCH and enjoy a $150 discount. That's a 50% off for the standard ticket!

Hurry and secure your ticket now.

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Instantiate / Initialise Joomla 2.5/3+ Framework in an External Script

There are times you need to integrate a 3rd party script into Joomla, without having the modify any core files, while still able to remain within the Joomla framework. A good example is, say, an AJAX request that points to a specific external php file that isn't part of Joomla's MVC. You can do this easy with the following code (in the beginning of the 3rd party script):

	define( '_JEXEC', 1 ); //This will define the _JEXEC constant that will allow you to access the rest of the Joomla framework
	$joomlaPath = dirname(__FILE__)."/../.."; //The only part you have to change. Make sure the relative part points to your Joomla root
	define('JPATH_BASE', $joomlaPath);
	require_once( JPATH_BASE.'/includes/defines.php' );
	require_once( JPATH_BASE.'/includes/framework.php' );
	// Instantiate the application.
	$app = JFactory::getApplication('site');
	// Initialise the application.
	// Now you can use all classes of Joomla
        $db = JFactory::getDBO();
	$doc = JFactory::getDocument();

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Happy Holidays!

So it's that time of the year again. To celebrate the holidays, we at SIMBunch is throwing a 30% discount for all our products. From now until 31st December, simply use the coupon code SIMXMAS during checkout to enjoy your holiday savings!

For the benefit of our users, we've compiled a list of other holiday discounts from our Joomla Friends! (list to be updated, so check back often)

  • CorePHP - 35% HAPPYSAVINGS (25th December)
  • Gavick - 30% DEC-2013 (2nd January)
  • JoomlArt - 25% JAXMAS13 (3rd January)
  • Joomlashack - 30% or more SANTASALE (26th December)
  • JoomPlace - 25% jp25christmas (6th January)
  • Mijosoft - 30% XMAS30 (31st December)
  • ReadyBytes - Extra 3 months on any plan MERRY-X-MAS (8th January)
  • SIMBunch - 30% SIMXMAS (31st December)
  • Stackideas - Free JoomlaShine template for EasyBlog (22nd December)
  • Themexpert - 30% XMAS13 (31st December)

Merry Christmas!

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SIMGallery Integrates with EasySocial


SIMGallery 4.2 has just been released with 2 new featues: It is now completely integrated with EasySocial (full details of the integration can be found in the product description), and albums commenting has been added. Give the demo a try!

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