Pre-sales questions for SIMGallery
  • Create menu link, amazon storage, easyprofile qestions
    Asked by j 9 months ago Pre-Sales
    1. How do I make a menu link to the photo navigation link on the easysocial menu bar. I need to make a menu link so that I can control the modules on the pages.

    2. Also in regards to the amazon s3 storage. Do I use easysocail storage setting or only Simbunch gallery.

    3. When I make different profile types and set limits on the number of photo and photo albums in easysocail
    will this feature still work using simbunch gallery ?
    5 answers Last answered by rocky stephen 1 months ago
  • What if the subscription hasn"t been activated after purchasing with Paypal?
    Asked by Gergely Téglás 11 months ago Pre-Sales
    A made a transaction with Paypal for SIMGallery 3M subscription, but after paying with Paypal it isn't activated.
    Transaction ID: 1R802069JX643150X

    Could you check it please?
    2 answers Last answered by Mary-Liz Grise 5 months ago
  • Could we see the changelog of SIMGallery?
    Asked by Gergely Téglás 1 years 8 months ago Pre-Sales
    Hello Mike!
    We bought some subscriptions in the past for SIMGallery and we are interested in new developments, Especially speeding up our large gallery (21.000 pictures - 70 Gb data) - now our loading time lasts even a minute.
    But we couldn't reach/see changelog of new versions.
    Is it possible to see changelog?
    Or could you say us something about future roadmap? Is there a performance development in it for large galleries?
    1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 1 years 8 months ago
  • jomsocial has an available extension for subscriptions.
    The extension can change the limits on the number of images that paid members can upload.

    Asked by Rajeev Balgovind 1 years 9 months ago Pre-Sales
    If I do a tight integration with Jomsoial and simgallery, will the user be limited to the extension or will they be able to bypass its limits?
    1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 1 years 8 months ago
  • Can I do without PHP Exif?
    Asked by oharris 2 years 11 months ago Pre-Sales
    Bought the package but did not know as a requirement that I need PHP Exif enabled. So I get an error saying that PHP Exif needs to be enabled. As I do not have it installed on my service, I will have to install and recompile.

    Can I do without PHP Exif? If not I may need a refund as to recompile the server admins take too long and I need a working solution now. I disabled SIM Gallery in Extensions... show more
    1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 2 years 10 months ago
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