Create menu link, amazon storage, easyprofile qestions

1. How do I make a menu link to the photo navigation link on the easysocial menu bar. I need to make a menu link so that I can control the modules on the pages.

2. Also in regards to the amazon s3 storage. Do I use easysocail storage setting or only Simbunch gallery.

3. When I make different profile types and set limits on the number of photo and photo albums in easysocail
will this feature still work using simbunch gallery ?


Asked 9 months ago

Add update

Use the tags {secret} and {/secret} to add text that only managers can see.

Answers (5)

Mike Feng answered 9 months ago

1) This is done automatically. It will redirect to the SIMGallery pages

2) SIMGallery uses its own S3 settings, which you can use the same as your EasySocial one, including the same bucket.

3) No, SIMGallery sets its own limits, but they are set across all user groups/profile types.

j answered 9 months ago

so you cannot make menu item for the page. You need to fix this because you cannot control the modules on the pages

Mike Feng answered 9 months ago

You're talking about creating a menu item on EasySocial's menu. That's controlled by EasySocial.

j answered 9 months ago

not if your app takes over the photo. If I use your app instead of easysocail for photos. I should be able to make a link to your app from the easysocail toolbar. What is the point of using your app if a user clicks on it from the easysocail toobar and I cannot control the modules on the page? If i use easyscail for photos I can control the modules on the page

rocky stephen answered 1 months ago

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