Hide the 'Ask Question' Button from Guests

Mike, which file generates the green, 'Ask Question' button - I want to 'hide' it from Non-logged in folks.. The reason is, if they hit it, it pops back to the front page of the site where the LOGON is.. I don't even want them seeing the button if they aren't authorized to use it.

Asked 1 years 6 months ago

Add update

Use the tags {secret} and {/secret} to add text that only managers can see.

Answers (2)

Mike Feng answered 1 years 6 months ago

It's located in line 82 of components/com_simanswers/helpers/html.php

Edward Stacey answered 1 years 6 months ago

That was 'perfect' Mike, basically I removed the part of that routine that 'forced' the user to go to the logon screen.. 'the <href stuff' - I removed it from the routine on the 'Login to Answer' as well.. - the reason was that the user was being hauled to the Front Page of the site to the Login Screen and then had to go back and find where they were sent from.
A suggestion might be to put a 'drop down' logon script at those two places.. so that if a Guest tries to ASK or ANSWER - the drop down to login pops up..

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