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My custom URLs are not directing to the proper page. It's going to my 404 error page. Could you please help find out why?
Asked by Sarah 3 days ago ProfileURL
I checked to make sure the plugin is in the first position. It wasn't but moved it to the first position and it didn't fix it. The event I recently created and created the custom URL is: http://www.suiteeven[...]estore-recommit

I changed it to: http://www.suiteeven[...]m/ibwppibermuda

Please note that you did some custom work with ProfileURL on my site.
4 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 3 days ago
ProfileUrl seems incompatible with the site security.
Asked by Loupida 3 weeks ago ProfileURL
If i reorder ProfileUrl plug at first position, it appears before Admintool plugin. However, Admintool plugin must be published at the first position too to protect my site thorough; that is my concern. Can we edit some codes in profileurl to get it working well even if published at second position for instance ? Actually, integration with easysocial permalink does not work anymore (neither Profile nor Group) if profileurl plug is at second position, other features seem perfect.

Help please.
1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 3 weeks ago
Unable to install app_profileurl.zip file
Asked by onename 4 weeks ago ProfileURL
When I try to install app_profile.zip plugin for easy social I see the error:

JInstaller: :Install: Can't find Joomla XML setup file.

Also, I see that the profileurl.php file is empty under the folder app_profileurl.

Any help is appreciated !
10 answers Last answered by onename 4 weeks ago
Error loading images
Asked by zygajunior 4 weeks ago SIMGallery
The problem loading your photos in SIMGallery .
1. After you click "Create album " choose the name of the album and photo - SM1.jpg
2. After clicking " Post Photos " nothing happens - I'm waiting a few minutes
3. I have to click " Cancel"
4. After you refresh the page, you get a small icon indicating an image : SM2.jpg
5. When you click on the icon and edit the album opens like an empty gallery : SM3.jpg
6. Please help .... show more
7 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 4 weeks ago
Does this amazing extension has a translation file for spanish?
Asked by Tong Tan 1 months ago Cameras
2 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 1 months ago
White Screen - nothing else
Asked by Edward Stacey 1 months ago ParaInvite
I've freshly installed the latest version following 'exact' instructions found in the zip file.
I've installed many components before - and I follow instructions pretty good. I'm using
the invite system with easysocial and have installed that app.
When I attempt to send an "Invite to my Friends".. I'm greeted with a White Screen..
I've turned on Joomla debugging.. but see no error - and I'm finished trying to make it work.
... show more
2 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 1 months ago
Namecard does not work in another site language.
Asked by Loupida 1 months ago ParaInvite
When User A registers on the site using the namecard of user B, they both get easysocial notification as well; user A has to accept connection with B, so they could be friends on the site. But this feature works only if user A registers on Default site language; indeed if we change language site as to French one, user A can always register but no connection is established between users A and B anymore, and no notification arrives.

Help please.... show more
1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 1 months ago
Do not load photos into albums №2
Asked by chitor 1 months ago SIMGallery
Hi. I have a problem.
I just migrated from EasySocial photo and no pictures, but a lot of albums. That migration log:
Database tables backed up successfully ...
Migrated EasySocial album #ID: 831
Photos migration COMPLETE!
albums = 385
albumspair = 831,385
photos = 0
photoscomplete = 1
videos = 0
videoscomplete = 0

Why photos=0?
Therefore, the module Last Albums No one album (
15 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 1 months ago
SIMGALLERY RANKING isn't being displayed on the "module search" on my backend (no published, unpublished or Trahsed)
Asked by ARNAUD FRERET 2 months ago SIMGallery

'SIMGALLERY RANKING module' isn't being displayed on the "module search" on my backend (no published, unpublished or Trahsed) but i can view it on the "extension manager"
Where can i found the "SIMGallery Ranking module" to publish it?
Many Thanks for your help
Best Regards

System Information
PHP Built On Linux info 3.0 #1337 SMP Tue Jan 01 00:00:00 CEST 2000 all GNU/Linux
Database Version 5.1.73-1+deb6u1
Database Collation latin1_swedish_ci
PHP Version 5.4.44
Web Server Apache
WebServer to PHP Interface cgi-fcgi
Joomla! Version Joomla! 3.4.4 Stable... show more
1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 1 months ago
TEste este tyste
Asked by Daniel 2 months ago Games & Gear
1 answers Last answered by Daniel 2 months ago
can't download
SIMGenealogy [1 Domain - 6 Months]
Subscription ID : 8O56WJCMMBVK

Asked by ARNAUD FRERET 2 months ago ProfileURL
i just bought the extension SIMGenealogy but i cannot download it
May you help me
ID :extonjaz
Many Thanks
Best Regards
1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 2 months ago
Configure Parainvite to make invitations to Linkedin and Facebook
Asked by Vaggelis 2 months ago ParaInvite
I am trying for months to finally configure and calibrate Prainvite but I have only done with it at EMAIL invites. Can you please help me to set up correctly the Facebook and Linkedin invites?

I have followed these instructions https://www.simbunch[...]ll=&start=8 and I think that it is set up OK.

But when user clicks the Linked icon at invites, he receives 502. And when he clicks at Facebook icon, the POP UP window does not load the facebook friends.... show more
15 answers Last answered by Vaggelis 2 months ago
Photo ranking/contest
Asked by kanoon 2 months ago SIMGallery
Can you please explain in steps how I create a photo contest.
I use JomSocial 4x and Joomla 3x.
There should be a menu link which guides to a section where users can upload photos to one single contest only and then go through the contest gallery and vote for their favourite.
After a time period the contest is closed and we can see the winning picture.
So: there's no additional categories or functions needed - only the photo contest.

Would be great if... show more
1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 2 months ago
502 Bad Getaway on every button
Asked by Murad Gulaliyev 2 months ago ParaInvite
I get Bad getaway on every button. Invite and Quick login both. Why can this happen
2 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 2 months ago
Invite body formatting disabled. Cannot bring it back
Asked by domotorsports 3 months ago ParaInvite
I was customizing my Default body invite message. Add some bold letters, URL link.
After one of the saves, the formatting ability stopped and all I can see now is one flat (no bold no line break) long text. Cannot insert an image either. PLEASE HELP.
1 answers Last answered by Mike Feng 2 months ago
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