Questions about SendGrid Auto-Subscribe
  • Basic questions that documentation would resolve...
    Asked by 1 years 7 months ago Technical Support
    How can I link the module to my SendGrid account?

    Also, how do I modify the appearance. I was able to nearly delete the header and description by inserting a space in these fields; however, I cannot get rid of the rocket icon. Moreover, I would like to modify the appearance of the front-end fields and button, if possible.

    Lastly, you should modify your forum form... There is zero need for me to share my site credentials for these questions to be... show more
    2 answers Last answered by 1 years 7 months ago
  • SendGrid Auto-Subscribe settings page empty, component doesn't render
    Asked by TurunBaletti 2 years 5 months ago Technical Support
    Just purchased the SendGrid Auto-Subscribe plugin, but I can't access the settings page for it. The "com_sendgrid" page is just blank.

    Also, as soon as I add the mod_sendgrid module to any page, that page stops rendering as well. The module settings are available, though they don't include any way to configure the sendgrid account etc to use.

    (Joomla 3.4.8)
    6 answers Last answered by TurunBaletti 2 years 5 months ago
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