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    There are a problem with notifications, the class SCNotification is not defined
    When an user has notifications and he wants to see them from the dashboard page I am getting the error "0 - Class 'SCNotification' not found".

    When I try to open the notifications from side menu, the pop-up opens, but the notifications doesn't appear.
    8 answers Technical Support 11 months ago
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    why does category selector is empty when I try to upload an entry to a contest?
    I have created a contest, I have asigned a category but the mandatory category field is empty.

    What do I have to configure to add values to this field or remove it from submit your entry form?
    3 answers Technical Support 11 months ago
  • Does Simcontest supports Joomla Multilanguage feature?
    I don't find any way to select the language when I am creating a contest. I don't know if I configured something wrong or there is not language support.
    4 answers Technical Support 11 months ago
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