• It does not work
    After a few days working satisfactorily, currently it does not work, I ask to make a gallery and the natural function of Easysocial comes out, I can only see, edit and create Photos / Galleries with Easysocial.
    I also tell him that I sent another Tiket / question for another problem with ProfileURL, maybe it's the same problem?
    I would like everything... show more
    1 answers Technical Support 11 months ago
  • Easysocial/Groups
    Hello, I have been working with your ProfileURL for a few days with Easysocial, and I realized that the Easysocial groups do not work, (error 404) and made tests and if I have the plugins.
    ProfileURL - EasySocial Profile
    and System - ProfileURL
    Everything, including groups works fine, but I can not use ProfileURL.
    What can happen?
    1 answers Technical Support 11 months ago
  • Traductions
    Hi, I have to tell you that your SIMGallery component works great, but I have translated the language files into Spanish, I have changed the ES-ES, I have uploaded them to the Spanish language folder and yet it does not work or does not translate.
    If you have any suggestions, it will be well received. I also attach the Zip file,... show more
    1 answers Technical Support 1 years ago
  • Configuration
    Hi, I installed the SIMGallery, and I can not get it to work properly, I'm using Easysocial.
    I explain a little, what happens esque I do not get the option to create, upload, photos or albums or photos or videos, just finish the installation of SIMGallery I got to work and apparently worked fine but had no categories created and I... show more
    3 answers Technical Support 1 years ago
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