Could we see the changelog of SIMGallery?

Hello Mike!
We bought some subscriptions in the past for SIMGallery and we are interested in new developments, Especially speeding up our large gallery (21.000 pictures - 70 Gb data) - now our loading time lasts even a minute.
But we couldn't reach/see changelog of new versions.
Is it possible to see changelog?
Or could you say us something about future roadmap? Is there a performance development in it for large galleries?

Asked 2 years ago

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Mike Feng answered 2 years ago

Here is the changelog for version 6 and above:

# 6.0.15
- Fix: Javascript conflicts

# 6.0.14
- Fix: Critical bug with pagination

# 6.0.12
- Fix: Bug fixes related to PHP 7
- Fix: Bug with JomSocial plugin

# 6.0.11
- Fix: Bug fixes

# 6.0.10
- Fix: Bug fixes

# 6.0.9
- Fix: Bug fixes

# 6.0.7
- Mod: Minor tune up in execution time
- Fix: Bug fixes

# 6.0.6
- Fix: Bug fixes

# 6.0.2
- Added: Google Maps geolocation for all locations. Locations now appear on a Google Map.
- Added: Full support for both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 templates.
- Added: Support for Joomla remote update
- Theater mode now loads more than 200 times faster!
- Overall scripts and CSS size reduced by 42%!
- Images/Thumbnails now loads much faster!
- Lots of UX and UI improvements.
- Squashed all known bugs.
- Improved design for smartphones and tablets.
- Browsing through albums and dashboard links now load asynchronously (AJAX)
- Frontend admin functions expanded.
- Added support for OpenGraph tags so Facebook shares display media nicely

Version 6 made some significant improvements for large galleries.

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