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Instagram Showdown
Submit your best Photos or Videos from Instagram7 entries / 74 votes placed

Contest For Photos Only

Options for this contest:

  • Status: Scoring submissions
  • Media type: Images and Videos
  • Points to enter: 20 (20 points will be deducted from contestant)
  • Accept New Entries when Scoring: Yes (accepts new entries all the time)
  • Start Trigger: (already started!)
  • Days to run: 0 (never-ending)

* Numbers are intentionally high so I don't have to keep creating contests for demo.

You Could Win Legal stuff

1st Prize

  • 200 Points

2nd Prize

  • 150 Points

3rd Prize

  • A good tickling but no points!

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Submit from: June 24, 2016 — Forever Points to Enter: 20

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