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Great product!
Posted on 02 August 2017|1 of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Lapson Parazi Avatar rated
Many features and works superbly just as described. Content sharing is very useful and save a lot of money from other software. Very easy to install and use! Very well written documention on SimBunch, easy to understand.
Posted on 04 March 2016|1 of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Mitch Daniels Avatar rated
Like the description said, it's truly a 4-in-1 extension. Great design with support for all the social media services.
Super easy to configure! I was a little afraid because it looks complicated, but the descriptions on the configuration page is very useful
I had a javascript error that wasn't even related to ParaInvite, and Mike Feng found and fixed it. Excellent support!
Easy to understand step-by-step instructions. No problem configuring each social media and email service.
Posted on 20 February 2016|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Eugenio Carrio Avatar rated
Has incredible functionality with Social Media.Contacts and Invites Management. Content Sharing and more.
I had a conflict Plugin System - ParaInvite conflict fancybox popup and add product esta Virtuemart and I solved the problem very well Simbunch support area thanks to Mike Feng
Posted on 22 January 2016|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Daniel Oherein Avatar rated
I bought a competitive extension with so many errors and I could not install it. My support tickets were not solved for more than two weeks. They kept shifting the blame to me.
I came to this Paralnvite site and I read a review that said 'he sent them a pre-sale message whether they will help.' I did the same and Mike replied me with a yes.
I bought version 4, when I got stranded, I sent them a ticket, and they helped me and even installed everything and version 5!
I will say I am among the first people to be using version 5. Simple and amazing extension!
There are many features from backends including templates of messages I cannot explain it all here. It is good investment.
All APPs are working and send out messages to invites. This is what matter most....I have even integrated it with jomsocial effortlessly.
I recommend this extension to anyone who wants their visitors or web users to be able to send invites to their contacts....
Support: they are fantastics provided you submit your ticket and wait for them to attend to it within 24hrs.
Posted on 13 October 2014|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Marco Alessi Avatar rated
I had already used this extension in version 3 some time ago.
Now I did not know whether to try invitex or make a new subscription for parainvite. I thought long and looked long time demos of invitex and parainvite. In the end I choose to renew for parainvite.
I'm really glad to did it.
Everything seems to works properly from first installation.
Great works.
Posted on 16 April 2014|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
halim Avatar rated
Powerful viral marketing. This extension very important to create viral marketing. I like it. including excellent support, very fast solve my problem. Thank you
Posted on 06 January 2014|1 of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Matt Horsley Avatar rated
I've used a few invite systems and have always like openinviter but found the joomla integration a little cumbersome. I purchased this and have to say the install was simple, works flawlessly and support was fantastic..
Posted on 08 November 2012|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Paul Landa Avatar rated
Works straight out of the box! I am happy to say that everything installed perfectly and worked straight away! AWESOME!
Posted on 09 July 2012|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
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