• Can the number of allowed keyword tags be increased?
    Hi I wonder if you can help. The keywords tagging feature was the main reason for us to choose SimGallary for integration with our existing JomSocial website. It is working great however we need to be able to have more keywords for tagging photos. Can this be increased?

    Many thanks
    6 answers Technical Support 5 years 3 months ago
  • SIMGallery can't download error 0 Class 'PP' not found
    Hi, I purchased SIMGallery last week and still have not been able to download it, first my subscription was not activated for several days and now when I visit the subscriptions page to download I get page not found with error 0 Class 'PP' not found.

    Please help!
    4 answers Technical Support 5 years 4 months ago
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