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We are Joomla extensions and web developers specializing in community, e-commerce, and service integration solutions.

SIMBunch is more than just a standard web development company. We have more than a decade of experience in improving user experience for community websites, e-commerce solutions for shops with complex requirements, improving SEF/SEO, and integrating with 3rd party services like Zoho, PayPal, Google services etc.

As a small independent team of experienced developers, we guarantee the lowest prices because we have zero overheads and additional fees.

What sets us apart...

  • Fullstack Developers
    More than just for Joomla, our primary skills are for all kinds of backend and frontend development
    PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux
    jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, etc...
  • Joomla Experts
    We have more than a decade of experience with developing Joomla extensions and websites.
    Years of experience
    Extensions and counting
  • We are part of your team
    We like to establish long term relationships with our clients. Think of us as part of your company's technology team: If your websites are developed by us, ready to respond and support anytime. Additionally, if you are not familiar with what today's web technology can do for you, we will provide consultation on solutions that are best suited for you.
  • Lowest Prices
    SIMBunch is an independent team purely made up of experienced developers - without permanent sales & marketing or operations staff. With no related cost overheads, we are able to offer the lowest prices for our level of expertise.
    Permanent Devs
    Overheads and extra fees
ParaInvite is a 4-in-1 complete viral invite solution for every community driven website: Contacts and Invites Management, Namecards, Content Sharing, and Quick Login. It is the only solution that uses OAuth 2.0, the industry standard for authenticating users on 3rd party services. It also uses their APIs to import contacts and send invites.
ProfileURL allows your Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial, JomWall, Kunena, or SIMAnswers users to customize their profile, group, and page links, exactly like how it's done on Facebook. It is also integrated with ParaInvite's Namecard links.
SIMAnswers is the complete Questions and Answers solution for Joomla. In fact, imagine Yahoo Answers for Joomla. SIMAnswers works in exactly the same way as Yahoo Answers, with a ton of extra features!
SIMContests is the complete Joomla solution for holding photos and videos contests. It has all the features of the famous design contest website Threadless , and more! Want to hold multiple photography, graphic design, or videography contests that your users can participate? SIMContests is your answer!
SIMGallery is the only (yes, ONLY) Joomla gallery system that was developed specifically with communities in mind, and is integrated seamlessly with Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial and JomWall. It functions exactly like Facebook's photo album feature, with a ton of added features.
SIMGenealogy is a full-featured genealogy and family tree extension for Joomla! It is the ONLY genealogy product that displays family trees in a complete, meaningful, and easily understandable chart.
SIMPopShops is the complete Joomla solution for Rakuten PopShops . Quickly and easily monetize your websites by creating multiple highly configurable shopfronts and start selling from thousands of merchants around the world.
SIMRatings converts your standard Joomla articles into sleek product pages that allows your users to rate and post reviews. It also gathers a long list of highly configurable information and injects them as rich snippets that are compatible to Google Structured Data, thereby displaying meaningful search results on most search engines.
Sendgrid Auto-Subscribe
Sendgrid Auto-Subscribe
Sendgrid Auto-Subscribe is a 3-in-1 integration solution for adding contacts to SendGrid's email marketing.
Unlimited Updates
Get unlimited product updates during your subscription for free. The available version is always the latest. Just download whenever there's an upgrade, hassle-free.
Easy to Customize
A lot of effort has been put in to keep the code simple and straightforward, making it extremely easy to understand. You can integrate with your own software with little effort.
Instant Download
Instantly download your purchases once payment is made. If for some reason your transaction is flagged as suspicious, a simple support email will quickly fix it.
Community Enabled
With our long experience in community building, all our extensions are fully integrated with Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial, and JomWall - perfect for any community websites.

Server Disaster Many of you may have trouble accessing the past few days. First, please let me extend my sincerest apologies. If there were any inconveniences, I can only hope that you will forgive me. I have had the worst experience with my current VPS provider that I'm bordering on tearing my hair out right now. It is just a complete wreck that I cannot even begin to describe.

My current provider has totally failed their 99.9% uptime guarantee, and has one of the most nightmarish support ever. It's like they have hamsters manning the support desk, and none of them speaks English. It started last week when I was in Cuba, half the world away with less than dismal internet access, and basically freaking out.

The httpd process was dropping once every 5-10 minutes, and sometimes required a complete server reboot to get it restarted again. The only person that responded told me this is expected of a VPS (which is, of course, bullsh*t). I came back and the same crap started happening again. They claim they have sent out notification emails about the situation, but of course I have received none. So, enough is enough.

It is now 6 in the morning. I am still terribly jet-lagged, haven't slept a wink in 22 hours (because they "missed out" including Zend in their latest recompilation, after installing a firewall which I assumed was there all along!), and feeling totally like sh*t right now. I've cleared about a dozen tickets prior to the latest downtime, and I will finish the rest by the weekend. That's a promise.

In the meantime, if someone has a good VPS to recommend, please feel free to let me know. I'm looking for good connection between Asia, US and Europe, quick response for emergencies, with WHM/CP. Much appreciated.


# Guest 2010-03-09 08:14
we are using this:
Very good support, good prices, they use WHM/CP and it's updated at all times.

# Guest 2010-03-12 16:51

We experience downtime when you servers were down too. We have hardware and VPS servers that are a great solution.

I'll let you try out our service for 30 days no cost and we can show you the difference in our service vs the other guys.

I will even give you my private cell phone in case you have ANY issues.

Donnie Rollins
CEO Elevology
# oishi a 2010-03-17 13:58
If it helps any, although the uptime promise should be kept by the VPS provider, please know that your users (as least this one) truly understands and will be patient. Truly do appreciate your being able to offer the continued tech support even while try to cope with the server nightmare.

Thanks for the suggestion Constantinos. I'm pretty comfortable with HostIcan's services (they are responsive and service has been pretty good, but they don't tend to notify when there is trouble on the line), so I am definitely always on the look out for something better.

Hope you find a good solution, Mike.
# Guest 2010-04-23 22:22
what about ?

they rock.
# Guest 2010-04-29 13:03
Avoid 1and1 at all costs... They caused me to loose 20+ customers over a 5 day cluster fk which was there fault.

Would not know who to recommend to be honest but keep up the good work.

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