SIMBunch Team Off For 3 Weeks. 50% Off All Purchases.

From 12 October until 1 November, the team here will be away on a "retreat". As such, we will be unable to handle any support or receive any emails (no internet where we are going. Ugh!)

We greatly regret this inconvenience to our users, but we will try to make up by having our biggest discount for the longest period of time! From now until 1 November, all products will be available at 50% OFF. Simply use the coupon code SIMBUNCH50 during checkout to enjoy this huge discount. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

We will try to clear all existing support issues by the 12th October. See you guys soon!


If you wish to take this chance to renew multiple subscriptions, please do some one by one. Go to your subscriptions list and click on the Renew link for one subscription. This will create a new invoice. Proceed to complete the payment on Paypal, after applying the 50% discount. Repeat this for the other subscriptions you wish to renew. This will avoid unnecessary delays in the activation of your renewals.

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Latest Comments

  • ParaInvite 3.5 is here!

    yann anderson 08.09.2012 12:08
    just installed your product parainvite, with joomla 2.5 and jomsocial 2.6.2 --> very easy to use, and ...
  • ParaInvite 3.5 is here!

    Mike Feng 07.09.2012 05:12
    Yes, it works with the latest JomSocial version.
  • ParaInvite 3.5 is here!

    Guest 05.09.2012 16:50
    Hi, allready running with jomsocial 2.6.2 ? Jomsocial added recents patch (2.6.1//2.6.2) and before to ...
  • ParaInvite 3.5 is here!

    Mike Feng 05.06.2012 13:29
    Yes, we made it compatible.
  • ParaInvite 3.5 is here!

    Guest 01.06.2012 18:44
    Mike how does it work with openinvite when there is no compatible openinvite available for joomla 1.6 ...