ParaInvite is the complete content sharing, viral marketing, quick login, and invites solution for every community driven website. No community website is complete without it.

Users can send HTML invites or share webpages to their friends and contacts. The Quick Login feature lets users register/login using their accounts on various social networks.

Charts and statistics let you monitor your marketing campaigns and user invites.

SIMGallery is the only Joomla gallery system that was developed specifically with communities in mind.

Tired of all the galleries that provide tons of features that 90% of users don't need? Looking for an extension that gives your users complete control over their albums, photos, videos, and profile pictures? In comes SIMGallery!

SIMGallery looks and works EXACTLY like Facebook's gallery, with even BETTER features!

SIMAnswers is the complete Questions and Answers solution for Joomla. It works and looks like Yahoo! Answers, but with a ton more features!

You can create categories and subcategories, set points and levels for, and administer violation reports. The more questions and answers are mosted, the more meaningful your content will be, which will dramatically improve your site's SEO (think Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers).

Simanswers works in 3 different modes: Q&A, Forum, or Support Ticket (like on SIMBunch), depending on your configuration.

SIMGenealogy is a full-featured genealogy and family tree extension for Joomla!

Quickly create Family Trees or shared genealogy projects, with privacy settings, project managers, commenting, notes, and more. I have created a sample family tree based on the popular TV show Modern Family , feel free to check it out!

You can also choose to allow your users to create Social Networks, with users connected with one another.

*GEDCOM support soon

ProfileURL lets your users have customized URLs for their Profiles, Groups, Namecards, and Q&A.

Want to let your users have their own personal URLs like that point to their profiles or groups? ProfileURL is your answer! Easy to configure and works with different 3rd party SEF extensions, ProfileURL makes the best out of your social websites.

Works with Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial, JomWall, Kunena, SIMAnswers, and ParaInvite (namecards).

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