• How?

    Enter your domain for the subscription that you're requesting support

    Go to your Subscriptions list, select the subscription, and make sure the domain information on the left is accurate.


    Every subscription provides unlimited support and updates for up to 6 months (based on subscription type)

    To prevent abuse of our subscription system, we kindly request that you locked your subscription with your domain(s) before posting a question.

    What If...

    Support questions that are linked to subscriptions without domains will be removed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • How?

    Select the correct category and provide all information requested on the Ask page

    Ask your question in the Technical Support sub-category of each subjective product. Please provide all the required information in the fields.


    Providing accurate information will significantly reduce support time!

    Based on experience, the best way to provide immediate and personal support is to access your website directly.

    Therefore a Super User account, FTP login and phpmyadmin access information are required. Please provide these information accurately so there will be no avoidable delay.

    What If...

    Posting in the wrong category will get your question removed.

    If you did not provide all information accurately, we will have to reply just to request for it again. We may remove/ignore incomplete questions.

  • How?

    Provide as much details as possible

    Provide in-depth details, direct URLs, step-by-step instructions to replicate the issue and, if possible, some screenshots to explain your problem.

    While you can upload files when asking a question, we recommend uploading images to Imgur and provide us with the links.


    Every detail will help us resolve your problem as quickly as possible

    Just saying "there is an error" or "it doesn't work" does not tell us anything. When resolving a problem, it is extremely useful if we can see it for ourselves.

    What If...

    Without in-depth details, time will be wasted unnecessarily as we will then have to reply and ask you for them.

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Additional Information

Response Time
Please allow up to 2 working days for an answer
Support Hours
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (+8 GMT)
NO Email Support
Unless specifically requested by us, all email support requests will be ignored
English Please
While we will attempt to use Google Translate to translate a non-English question, we do not promise that we will be able to understand.
Avoid Comments
When responding to your ticket, always use a new answer. Our staff are not notified when you add a comment, so you will not be attended to.
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