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liki Avatar rated
I have been using SimANSWERS for over a year on our educational website. It's an excellent component that comes in handy for Questions and Answers. The display is attractive, it is very easy to use and we have been using it to help students and our visitors on many educational topics.
I have never experienced any trouble with it and if you need help, just send an e-mail and their knowledgeable staff is available to help.
Posted on 21 June 2012|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
richard Avatar rated
Support here is excellent and you have timely updates. I have been using SimAnswers for over a year and they have been more than helpful. My questions have always been answered on time.
Posted on 13 June 2012|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
Joshua Lewis Avatar rated
This is certainly a well thought out component, and is quite interesting. I especially like the "Interesting list" where users can in a sense "like" a post. Well done!
Posted on 27 June 2011|Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
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