SIMBunch has a decade of experience providing custom software development and web deployment services, for everything related to the Joomla! framework or CMS.

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Our areas of expertise include:

Website Deployment
The most common requirement for most users. We develop and deploy enterprise and personal websites based on your requirements, using Joomla!, one of the most popular and award winning opensource Content Management Systems in the world.

Extensions Development
We create highly customized components, modules, and plugins for any kind of features you may need - from e-Commerce and data management, to SEO and community extensions. Our off-the-shelf products are a testimony to the range of extensions we develop.

Performance Optimization
We provide consultation and implementation services to really speed up your website. Expertise includes DNS optimization, cloud and CDN deployment. If you wish to know more about, or need assistance with Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or Cloudflare, we are here to help.

Extensions Integration
Need help integrating different 3rd party extensions with Joomla? Let us know! After all, we have a decade of experience integrating our own extensions with different 3rd party extensions.

Javascript Implementation & UX Improvement
One of our key focus is to improve user experience using Javascript and CSS. Convert your old clunky websites (whether they are Joomla or not) to modern user friendly ones that adheres to high web development and mobile display standards.

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