SendGrid for Joomla

Integrating Joomla! with SendGrid's new Email Marketing Campaigns .

SendGrid is a email delivery and transactional email service. In a nutshell, it allows you to send emails through their servers, with value added services like letting your track your delivery, opens, and clicks. SIMBunch uses SendGrid for all Joomla! transactional emails (registration confirmation, purchase confirmation, ParaInvite invites, SIMAnswers notifications, etc). It ensures our emails are never sent to spam folders, and that delivery is immediate. It also reduces server load significantly, especially when sending bulk email (like ParaInvite invites).

Recently, SendGrid announced and released their new email marketing campaigns program. Among other things, you can now create and send responsive marketing emails, manage contacts and lists, and send mass marketing emails. Essentially, it is like other email marketing campaign programs - like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor - but at a fraction of their prices .

SendGrid Auto-Subscribe is a new SIMBunch product that subscribes your Joomla users to your SendGrid contacts list. It does this in 3 ways:

  1. Auto-subscribe new user registrations (frontend and backend).
  2. Export existing user emails to SendGrid.
  3. A module that lets your users signup to your mailing list.

Need help integrating SendGrid's transactional email service with your Joomla website? Contact us for a free quote!

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SIMAnswers 5

Earn Money by Selling Points for Your Q&A or Forum

We are thrilled to announce the release of SIMAnswers 5. Among the countless improvements made, SIMAnswers now come with its own online shop, where your users can buy points to upgrade their levels.

The new online shop allows you to create multiple plans of different prices and points value. You can also create multiple discounts, either fixed price or percentage.

SIMAnswers also keeps and lists a history of all payments made for you to track your sales. With its immense amount of configurations, you can use SIMAnswers as a Questions & Answer solution, a forum, or a support ticket. The possibilities are endless!

Buy Points
Users choose plan and proceed to buy points at the shop.
Configure Your Plans
Configure plans to include price and points. Add an optional image.
Ask a Question
Select category and upload an optional image with your question.
Custom fields
Create various types of custom fields for questions and answers.

The new SIMAnswers also comes with many improvements. These include massive javascript and SQL optimizations to reduce load times, user interface improvements, and improvements to backend categories (drag-and-drop reordering!) and questions management.

SIMAnswers will always be the best, most interactive, and most configurable Q&A/forum system for Joomla. Why? Because we use it for our support ticket system ourselves! It is virtually impossible to list all its features here, so please go ahead and check out its documentation.

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SIMRatings 1.0

Convert your Joomla Articles into Rich Product Pages

We are thrilled to announce the release of another quality SIMBunch product: SIMRatings.

SIMRatings converts your standard Joomla articles into sleek product pages that allows your users to rate and post reviews.

It also gathers a long list of highly configurable information and injects them as rich snippets that are compatible to Google Structured Data, thereby displaying meaningful search results on most search engines.

Rating A Product
Rating and reviewing a product. Includes Buy Now button and price.
Google Search Results
Your Google search results with SIMRatings installed.

SIMRatings has so many configurable settings and features that it is impossible to describe them all in a single post! (Believe me, I tried and the post looked like a small book...) For a full description and more screenshots, please check out the documentation!

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SIMGenealogy 1.1

SIMBunch is happy to announce the release of SIMGenealogy 1.1. This version contains some major new feature.

New Features

  1. GEDCOM Support - import family trees from other genealogy software using the GEDCOM file format.
  2. Custom Fields - create custom fields to store meaningful information for each node in a family tree. Types supported include textbox, textarea, radio, checkbox, single/multiple select, and single/multiple select by SQL select.
  3. Social Networks - a new type of tree has been introduced. Social networks allow users to map their friends or members within an organization. Here's a simple example based on the popular TV show "Friends".

Enhances and Bug Fixes

If you're using JomSocial or Community Builder, major improvements have also been made to their respective plugins. Other UX improvements include a dynamically sortable table list, and the ability to shift the entire tree while in Edit Mode, without the need to shift each individual node separately.

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SIMGallery 5.0.4

SIMBunch is happy to announce the release of SIMGallery 5.0.4. This version contains a few new features, and a ton of performance enhances.

New Features

  1. Show Number of Views/Hits for Photos and Albums.
  2. Display Category Breadcrumbs on top of photos if categories are enabled, for easy navigation.
  3. Disable Pinch Zooming when viewing on mobile devices.
  4. Choose to not allow users to delete their own albums and/or photos and/or videos.

Enhances and Bug Fixes

Current users of SIMGallery will notice how much faster version 5.0.4 is. A lot of work has gone into streamlining and simplifying database queries and javascript calls. A ton of bugs have also been fixed, thanks to the help of several of our most helpful users.

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