SIMGenealogy 2

SIMBunch is super happy to announce the all new SIMGenealogy 2.0. Apart from a dozen or so improvements and upgrades, I would like to bring your attention to two of them:

  1. Bootstrap 3.0 - We have started to roll out Bootstrap 3.0 support for all our extensions, and SIMGenealogy is the new addition. Because of this change, you will notice many UI/UX improvements throughout the entire extension.
  2. GEDCOM Export - SIMGenealogy has support GEDCOM import since version 1.2, but we've finally added GEDCOM export, the most requested feature.

For a full list of its features, please check out SIMGenealogy's product description, or check out the demo to see how it works!

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ParaInvite 5

SIMBunch is proud to announce the all new ParaInvite 5.5!

The new ParaInvite introduces Plugin Hooks that allow easy integration with other 3rd party extensions. Now you can create your own plugin to add functionality for a wide variety of ParaInvite triggers.

Version 5.5 also sports a whole new UX/UI overhaul for every page. Modals and pages also load a lot faster.

A large number of bugs have also been fixed. It is highly recommended for all existing users to upgrade.

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Many have noticed that as of Joomla 3, your elements with jQuery tooltips will disappear after you mouseover them. This is caused by a conflict with Mootools. If you check the pages where you are seeing this issue, it's when Joomla's Mootools is loaded. The fix is simple:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $('.hasTooltip').each(function(){ = null; this.hide = null;});

This will disable the hide behavior for Mootools' tooltips, which is declared the same way as jQuery's. You can replace $('.hasTooltip') with whatever class you are using for your tooltips.

Hope this helps!

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ParaInvite We just released a brand new version of ProfileURL. ProfileURL allows your users to customize their profile page URLs, group page URLs, and personal dashboard URLs of various extensions. Version 4.1 includes the following new features:

  • Build all routing when site is generated. This means generated links show the customized URLs without the need to click them.
  • SIMContests added to list of integrated community extensions.
  • Frontend demo so users can change and test different integrated community extension
  • Full support for Bootstrap 3+
  • Display JomSocial or EasySocial (if installed) toolbar.

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SIMBunch is very proud and super excited to announce an all new extension: SIMContests!

SIMContests lets your create and hold contests for photos and/or videos, with a TON of features to make them the complete and perfect contest solution.

The unique points system and integrated online store also allows you to earn money, by selling points that lets your users enter contests and earn/exchange prizes.

Create contests that allow photos and/or videos submissions.
5-points scoring system for entries.
When contests ended, entry results information include breakdown of each score, scores total, and average score.
Informative and detailed user dashboard lets other users and fans know more about you.
Intuitive search interface allows users to search for entries based on search words, contest status, and tags.
Up to 5 configurable prizes, includes points (automatically awarded) and custom prizes, which can be anything you want.
Earn money by selling points through the SIMContests shop. Points can be used to enter contests and/or exchange for prizes if you wish.

There are a ton of other features, like the sophisticated plugin hooks and API system, and it's impossible list them all here. Please refer to the full documentation for a more detailed description, or go straight to the demo and have a look!

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