SIMRatings 1.0

Convert your Joomla Articles into Rich Product Pages

We are thrilled to announce the release of another quality SIMBunch product: SIMRatings.

SIMRatings converts your standard Joomla articles into sleek product pages that allows your users to rate and post reviews.

It also gathers a long list of highly configurable information and injects them as rich snippets that are compatible to Google Structured Data, thereby displaying meaningful search results on most search engines.

Rating A Product
Rating and reviewing a product. Includes Buy Now button and price.
Google Search Results
Your Google search results with SIMRatings installed.

SIMRatings has so many configurable settings and features that it is impossible to describe them all in a single post! (Believe me, I tried and the post looked like a small book...) For a full description and more screenshots, please check out the documentation!

Documentation Demo Buy Now

SIMGenealogy 1.1

SIMBunch is happy to announce the release of SIMGenealogy 1.1. This version contains some major new feature.

New Features

  1. GEDCOM Support - import family trees from other genealogy software using the GEDCOM file format.
  2. Custom Fields - create custom fields to store meaningful information for each node in a family tree. Types supported include textbox, textarea, radio, checkbox, single/multiple select, and single/multiple select by SQL select.
  3. Social Networks - a new type of tree has been introduced. Social networks allow users to map their friends or members within an organization. Here's a simple example based on the popular TV show "Friends".

Enhances and Bug Fixes

If you're using JomSocial or Community Builder, major improvements have also been made to their respective plugins. Other UX improvements include a dynamically sortable table list, and the ability to shift the entire tree while in Edit Mode, without the need to shift each individual node separately.

SIMGallery 5.0.4

SIMBunch is happy to announce the release of SIMGallery 5.0.4. This version contains a few new features, and a ton of performance enhances.

New Features

  1. Show Number of Views/Hits for Photos and Albums.
  2. Display Category Breadcrumbs on top of photos if categories are enabled, for easy navigation.
  3. Disable Pinch Zooming when viewing on mobile devices.
  4. Choose to not allow users to delete their own albums and/or photos and/or videos.

Enhances and Bug Fixes

Current users of SIMGallery will notice how much faster version 5.0.4 is. A lot of work has gone into streamlining and simplifying database queries and javascript calls. A ton of bugs have also been fixed, thanks to the help of several of our most helpful users.

More Users, More Better!

It can be really hard to get people with no knowledge of your products or services to visit your website. Really hard.

Whether you are building something new or promoting existing content, you need to get it out and gain traction in the market fast. Sure, you can rely on standard content marketing campaigns (like this one!), but they can be expensive, their effects are uncertain and can take weeks or even months before delivering returns.

That's why nothing beats consistent and direct peer-to-peer marketing. There is nobody people trust more than recommendations from their own friends - and that's where ParaInvite comes in:

Send Direct Invites
Direct invitations to your users' friends and contacts on multiple networks with highly customiziable messages.
Share Content
Share any content on any page of your website directly to your users' networks and contacts
Personal Namecards
Personalized individual name cards on your site act like mini-profiles that users share with friends.
Remote Buttons
Buttons on your users' blogs, forum posts, and personal sites to convert their members to yours.
Reward Points
Encourage invites sending, content sharing, etc by rewarding users with points, gifts, and more.
Meaningful Statistics
Meaningful statistics and charts help you manage your viral marketing and plan ahead.

Quick Login

A long registration process is proven to deter user sign-ups. ParaInvite's Quick Login feature lets users register and login using their Facebook, LinkedIn, and other commonly used profiles with just one click - so you can lock them in and have them interact with your site quickly.

The new ParaInvite 5.3 introduces a wide variety of exciting new features, including a revolutionary email templating system. See what it can do for your site's membership today!

ParaInvite 5

SIMBunch is proud to announce the all new ParaInvite 5.3!

The latest version comes with several significant additions and changes. The easiest to notice will be the change in the display of the main invite, the quick login feature, the content plugin (which you can see right below this article), and the share module links (on the right side of this article!). The new display is a lot cleaner, loads faster, and does not require additional images.

Another significant change is our all new email template system. ParaInvite now saves each individual template in a physical file, which you can choose to edit either with your Joomla editor, or your favorite code editor for full control. This unique system also makes maintaining multiple language emails MUCH SIMPLER!

We have also added an all new email tag {PMUK}, which affectionately stands for "People You May Know". When you add this tag to your email template, ParaInvite will intelligently go through previous invites and imported contacted from other users and search for potential members who may be friends with the invited user. This will greatly encourage new users to register on your site.

Lastly, ParaInvite Share Anywhere. We have streamlined and opened up the very same code we use for the Sharing Module, and made it available as an API. Developers can now display the share button or list anywhere on your site without depending on the Share Module.

Feel free to take a quick tour, or check out the full description!

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