After countless hours of moving database tables around (yeah, you know it), SIMBunch is finally on Joomla 1.5! Following this event, I have also moved the site to the root domain "", and renamed the site SIMBunch (instead of "Mike's Home", which didn't sound especially homely).

With the new site comes many new features. I especially love the new support ticket feature, which I'm hoping will speed up and simplify the support process. No wait. I especially LOVEEEE the new online shop. I've reskinned the entire thing and built a complete bridge from scratch. Awesome-est.

This site showcases my extensions integration with JomSocial. For Community Builder demo, please check out the separate demo site .

Oh yes, now I can start going through all the outstanding support emails.... can't wait to get my first ticket ;)

Big thanks goes out to:
  • Neil Malhar from for providing me with a free copy of AcaJoom Pro (he actually gave me a free copy of EVERYTHING on his site!).
  • Shawn Fields and Azrul from for dropping me a free JomSocial Pro package. Yeap, envy me!

Got feedback? Drop one here or at the forum, thanks.

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