In order to streamline operations and prepare for future changes, SIMBunch will be changing to a subscription based licensing model as of December 1st 2009. More information after the break.


As of December 1st 2009, licenses will be issued in the following manner:

1) Single site licenses: 12-month access to unlimited updates and support.

2) Bulk licenses: 12-month access to unlimited updates and support. Install on a maximum of 5 3 websites of any ownership (registrant on domains' whois information can be anyone)


Note that ALL current and active licenses as of 1st December will be subjected to the following changes:

1) Single site licenses: 18-month access to unlimited updates and support.

2) Bulk licenses: 18-month access to unlimited updates and support. Continue to be able to install in unlimited number of domains explicitly owner by the same person (domains' whois information displays the same registrant).

The additional 6-month subscription will be provided regardless of when the license(s) was purchased before December.

Products affected: SIMGallery, SIMAnswers and ParaInvite.
A subscription only provides access to updates and support. It does not restrict the product's use after the license expires.



I understand that I have not explained the change better. The truth is, SIMBunch is growing at a rate that makes it more and more difficult for proper support to be provided. It has reached a point that the company can no longer operate properly with just one person (support and development), and I am finding it impossible to juggle so much work with personal life all at once.

I have consulted many veterans in the industry, and their advise is the same: in order to expand the company, the flexibility provided by a subscription model is required.

  • It lets me determine product pricing based on subscription length.
  • It provides recurring income from website developers.
  • It makes it cost efficient for product support, so that additional staff can be justified.
  • It provides encouragement and incentive for continued product upgrades and updates.

Do understand that changes like this are necessary for a company to continue to grow. I hope that with this change, SIMBunch will be able to provide a much better quality of service.


Q: Is this legal?
A: Yes. Any copyright owner of a software (be it a person or an organization) is well within his legal rights to change the terms and conditions of the license, even if it contradicts with any previous license agreement.

Q: I already have a [SIMGallery / SIMAnswers / ParaInvite] License. What will happen to me and my site after 1st May 2011?
A: Nothing! The subscription only covers upgrades and support. After your subscription ends, you will no longer receive updates and support, that is all. To continue receiving updates, a new subscription is required.

Q: I already have a [SIMGallery / SIMAnswers / ParaInvite] Bulk License. What will happen to the license after 1st May 2011?
A: You will continue to be able to install the extension on unlimited number of sites that you own. If you purchase a new subscription after May 2011, the above condition will still apply. If you wish to change to the new Bulk License (5-site license for any domain regardless of ownership, which is better for website developers), a separate support request will need to be submitted first. You can apply for this change anytime after December 2009.

Q: Will there be any changes in pricing?
A: There are no planned pricing changes.

Q: If I purchase a license between now and December 2009, what will happen to my license?
A: The same change will apply to all existing licenses as of December 2009.


For any enquiries related to the licensing change, I have created an email address specifically for this purpose. Please email all queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.


More Update

The new bulk licenses will allow a maximum of 3 sites of ANY domains belonging to ANY user. Bulk license purchased before 1 December 2009, which allows you to install in unlimited number of domains that explicitly belong to the same user (whois information must show the same person/organization), can be changed to the new bulk licenses' condition, but this is OPTIONAL and can only be done after 1 December 2009.

Example: If you are a website developer and have different clients, and you currently own a bulk license, you can change your old bulk license to the new one so you can install the software on your clients' sites.

Prices for bulk licenses will be adjusted accordingly after 1 December 2009.

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