Mike Feng, founder of SIMBunch.com, turns 30 today! (I know, he's a young chap, right?) To celebrate his birthday, we are having a mega sale! All products are available at a 30% discount until the end of the month. That's right, 9 days! (time in +8 GMT)

To enjoy the discount, simply enter the coupon code MIKE30 during the checkout process. Click here for more information on how to enter the code.

In other news, the next major upgrade of SIMAnswers is in its final stages, and should be available in July. Stay tuned for exciting new features, changes and updates! This is the time to provide any of your suggestions on SIMAnswers' Suggestion Board, so please do so quickly. Although we do not guarantee all suggestions will be accepted, we promise to read every one of them.

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+1 # Rene' 2010-06-20 22:28
Happy Birthday Mike :roll:

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