Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Happy Chinese New Year one and all! Many of you here may not know this, but the Chinese people follow the lunar calendar , and they celebrate this new year - the year of the Tiger - on the 14th of January. Although we do not follow the lunar calendar here in Singapore, the Chinese New Year is still one of our biggest holidays, filled with festivities and fun!

To celebrate this occasion, SIMBunch is having a sale! As the Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days, the sale will last for 15 days (14-28 February), at 15% discount! (time in +8 GMT)

To enjoy the discount, simply enter the coupon code CNY2010 during the checkout process . Enjoy!

On other news, I will be leaving for vacation from the 17th February to 2nd March (time spent trapped in a plane: >50 hours Frown). During this period, internet access will be pretty scarce (I'm going to Cuba, so just imagine!). I may be able to handle license update requests, but support issues that require FTP access will have to wait until my return.

For most support issues, please refer to the knowledge base and forum , especially the board on disabling Mootools !

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# oishi a 2010-02-19 17:47
Hope you have a wonderful time in Cuba! I've been and I loved the people and the place.

And thanks for all the great tech support.

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