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Now that all of SIMBunch's software (ParaInvite, SIMGallery, and SIMAnswers) support the new Mootools Upgrade plugin from Joomla, we feel that we should provide some instructions on what to do based on different scenarios. This is especially important because several modifications were required to be made in the past in order for Joomla to work with Mootools 1.2. Hopefully, this article will bring more clarity to the picture.

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Before We Begin...
  • Your website is a new installation using Joomla 1.5.19 (or later).
  • You are using a template that supports the Upgrade Mootools plugin.
  • The Upgrade Mootools plugin is installed and enabled.
  • You do not have a previous version of our software installed (ie. it is a new installation)
  • You have not made any custom modifications to make your site work with Mootools 1.2.

If your website satisfies all of the above conditions, you may ignore this post and install as per normal.

If not, please select the link above that most relate to your website.

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