• Where Do I Find Winners Paypal Email?
    How or where do I find the winners' Paypal email to send cash awards?
    0 answers Technical Support 5 months ago
  • Photo
    Votes Not Being Counted on Mobile Phones
    In the demo, it seems the votes are not being counted.
    2 answers Technical Support 6 months ago
  • How to upload multiple photos
    How can I allow users to upload multiple photos? I found this:

    SIMContests is coded to allow only 1 entry per user per contest. You can override this check easily, but it may affect other parts of the extension.

    To override this check, go to components/com_simcontests/models/contest.php, line 664. Just set $this->submitted = 0;"

    Does this still hold true and if so lines end... show more
    2 answers Technical Support 6 months ago
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