• What could cause the Link "Add Photos" and Button "Create Album" not working when clicked?
    Hi, I uninstalles SimGallery and installed the newest version fresh. I configured it the same that worked before. But now I have the problem, that the User Dashboard isn't working. When I click on "Add Photos?" or the "Creat Album" Button, nothing happens. Ne Error, just nothing. The hover is working at the "Add Photos?" Link. But click it gives... show more
    10 answers Technical Support 4 years 5 months ago
  • Hi,

    my problem is that, when ProfileUrl Plugin is activated, every URL contains "/en"/.
    I set "Include Language Code" to "No". But it is included.
    Besides from this, everything works fine. But I don't want "/en/" in my urls and I can't access my Admin Area with this rewrite.

    What could I do?
    2 answers Technical Support 4 years 5 months ago
  • Photo
    I purchased, downloaded and installed SimGallery. No Problem, till I tried to upload a photo or create a gallery. I have a white popup than.
    Pleasy look at the Screenshot, to get what I mean. My english is not at it's best.
    12 answers Technical Support 4 years 6 months ago
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