• Parainvite setup with Microsoft has locked me out of the administrator area of joomla?
    Hi there, I am using parainvite on my easysocial and joomla site. I tried adding the Microsoft id and secret key and now I cannot access the backend of my joomla site. I keep getting this page here: https://cl.ly/3j1B300S3z27

    I also tried the microsoft link on the frontend of my site and get this 404 error here: https://cl.ly/3j1B300S3z27

    I also see you... show more
    1 answers Technical Support 4 years -1 months ago
  • Cannot change the wording on the email invites?
    Hi there, I cannot seem to change the messaging of the default invite email that is sent. As you can see here: http://recordit.co/tCv11J8TYX the message just keeps turning back to SIMbunch and well I cannot edit the text at all. Any ideas on this one? Thanks James
    3 answers Technical Support 4 years 1 months ago
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