• Hello,
    I created a Sent-From URL Scheme (id 7) with Parainvite Share Module assigned on Namecard page, but Scheme not working well.
    Here are some issues

    1- After clicking on invite button, i get redirected to a 404 error page.
    2- When invited people clicks on invite link that is on the email invite, he got redirected to a 404 error page too.
    3- And, When invite is sent for a specific scheme (Default or Namecard (id 7)), an email of another scheme is sent... show more
    2 answers Technical Support 3 years 10 months ago
  • Photo

    Some features stuck on the frontend.
    Have 02 issues on the site:

    1- the Add custom message button on namecard page does not work. Please note that the same issue is reproduced on your demo site.
    2- On Invite history page, the list of contacts does not display entirely on Hotmail and Google (please see the screenshot in attachment)

    Best Regards.
    2 answers Technical Support 4 years 3 months ago
  • ProfileUrl seems incompatible with the site security.
    If i reorder ProfileUrl plug at first position, it appears before Admintool plugin. However, Admintool plugin must be published at the first position too to protect my site thorough; that is my concern. Can we edit some codes in profileurl to get it working well even if published at second position for instance ? Actually, integration with easysocial... show more
    1 answers Technical Support 8 years ago
  • Namecard does not work in another site language.
    When User A registers on the site using the namecard of user B, they both get easysocial notification as well; user A has to accept connection with B, so they could be friends on the site. But this feature works only if user A registers on Default site language; indeed if we change language site as to French one, user... show more
    1 answers Technical Support 8 years 1 months ago
  • I get a 404 error on Easysocial page.

    I enabled system plugin (re-ordered), easysocial app, but i still get a 404 error on Easysocial page.
    Help please.
    9 answers Technical Support 8 years 4 months ago
  • Other Schemes don't work.
    I enabled Schemes for Easysocial Profile, Easysocial group and Article, but i get blank page when i click on email/Network buttons, Email, CSV and Friends ones, or when i click on Agree in page view. Only Facebook work. Apps service is not available at this time on Yahoo, so i've not set Keys there.
    Please tell me files you will probably... show more
    3 answers Technical Support 8 years 5 months ago
  • Strange behavior on namecard.
    When i click on register link on namecard A, i get perfectly redirected to the registration form, but if i want to register through another namecard B (to be friend with the owner of the namecard B), i still get redirected to the registration form matching the namecard A. Indeed, sometimes users change their mind, so i think it'd... show more
    15 answers Technical Support 8 years 6 months ago
  • Hello there,

    First thanks for your component, it's great. Just some settings petering out : I can't translate it, and i can't order User Plug.
    I added a french file in : components/com_parainvite/language/fr-FR including html file, but translation does not work on frontend.

    I set "Invite-Only Registration" to Yes, so user can register only on invitation. But my site had already some users before i install Parainvite, so when a user that registered before signs in the site, he gets a "Invite-Only Registration" message. Maybe... show more
    13 answers Technical Support 8 years 6 months ago
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