Mike Feng, founder of SIMBunch.com, turns 30 today! (I know, he's a young chap, right?) To celebrate his birthday, we are having a mega sale! All products are available at a 30% discount until the end of the month. That's right, 9 days! (time in +8 GMT)

To enjoy the discount, simply enter the coupon code MIKE30 during the checkout process. Click here for more information on how to enter the code.

In other news, the next major upgrade of SIMAnswers is in its final stages, and should be available in July. Stay tuned for exciting new features, changes and updates! This is the time to provide any of your suggestions on SIMAnswers' Suggestion Board, so please do so quickly. Although we do not guarantee all suggestions will be accepted, we promise to read every one of them.

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ParaInvite 3.0

The long awaited ParaInvite 3.0 is finally here! Packed with new features and modifications, ParaInvite has once again set the standard for being the best viral marketing solution for Joomla!

To celebrate this major upgrade release, there is now a 50% discount for the ParaInvite Pro add-on (original $80 SGD, now $40 SGD)! To enjoy the discount, simply enter the coupon code PARAPRO during the checkout process. The discount will end on the 23rd May (Sunday), 23:59 hrs (+8 GMT). Get it now!

A description of the changes in ParaInvite 3.0 can be found after the break.

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Server Disaster Many of you may have trouble accessing SIMBunch.com the past few days. First, please let me extend my sincerest apologies. If there were any inconveniences, I can only hope that you will forgive me. I have had the worst experience with my current VPS provider that I'm bordering on tearing my hair out right now. It is just a complete wreck that I cannot even begin to describe.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Happy Chinese New Year one and all! Many of you here may not know this, but the Chinese people follow the lunar calendar , and they celebrate this new year - the year of the Tiger - on the 14th of January. Although we do not follow the lunar calendar here in Singapore, the Chinese New Year is still one of our biggest holidays, filled with festivities and fun!

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JomSocialThe latest JomSocial version (1.6) has just been released! Codenamed "Brillo", it is major upgrade from the previous 1.5. If you were impressed by the jump from JomSocial version 1.2 to 1.5, be prepared to be blown away by 1.6!

More information and screenshots after the break.

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Cron Job Starts