In order to streamline operations and prepare for future changes, SIMBunch will be changing to a subscription based licensing model as of December 1st 2009. More information after the break.

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Ever since I announced a major upgrade to SIMGallery, I have been receiving uncountable emails on a daily basis, asking for more information about version 3.0. Now that it's nearing beta (probably another week or so), I think I should post some screenshots to show what's coming, and why I am so excited about it. Apart from the new features, SIMGallery 3.0 also underwent a HUGE amount of code changes - speed of javascript execution, easier integration with other 3rd party components etc.

Screenshots after the break!

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I was trying to check if a particular user is following me on Twitter, and got really pissed off clicking on the "Next" page link. So, I created this tool.

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I just came across a real gem for Joomla. Dwight Jack has posted a way to upgrade your Joomla 1.5 site to use the latest Mootools version, instead of Joomla's lame duck Mootools 1.11. He's done this without the need to hack Joomla's core files, and has also posted an updated version of the Mootools compatibility script.

Man, this guy's a real life saver. Have a read at this and this .

I can't wait to try it for myself!



As of version 1.5.19 onwards, Joomla now comes with its own Mootools Upgrade system plugin. Therefore the above method is now no longer required! All our products (ParaInvite, SIMGallery, and SIMAnswers) will now work out of the box with the Mootools Upgrade plugin enabled.

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To celebrate Singapore's 44th birthday on 9th August 2009, there will be a 20% storewide discount during the weekend. This discount will only be available on the 8th and 9th August (+8 GMT).

To enjoy the discount, simply enter the code SIMSINGAPORE during the checkout process.

Once again, this discount is only valid this Saturday and Sunday (+8 GMT), make sure you don't miss it!

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