Now that all of SIMBunch's software (ParaInvite, SIMGallery, and SIMAnswers) support the new Mootools Upgrade plugin from Joomla, we feel that we should provide some instructions on what to do based on different scenarios. This is especially important because several modifications were required to be made in the past in order for Joomla to work with Mootools 1.2. Hopefully, this article will bring more clarity to the picture.

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Sharing is Caring (ParaInvite feature):

ParaInvite has joined the ranks and now supports the new Mootools Upgrade plugin from Joomla. Together with SIMGallery and SIMAnswers, we are happy to announce that SIMBunch is now fully compatible with Mootools 1.2!

With this release, I feel that we should start planning for the release of Joomla 1.6. As many of our users know, SIMBunch was one of the first to fully utilize Mootools 1.2 in our products (in fact, I believe we are the first - in SIMGallery). With our expertise in Mootools 1.2, we are in a favorable position to move on Joomla 1.6.

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Sharing is Caring (ParaInvite feature):

Mootools Upgrade

The latest versions of SIMGallery and SIMAnswers are working with Joomla!'s new Mootools Upgrade plugin , as well as with previous versions of Joomla!. This means that if you have the Upgrade MooTools plugin installed and enabled, you don't have to do any modification whatsoever! You also do not need to install the Disable Mootools module from SIMBunch.

We are currently upgrading ParaInvite to work with the new Mootools Upgrade plugin. ParaInvite will still work without the plugin. More information will be available at a later date, so stay tuned!

"What does this mean to me?"
Well, basically, if you have the Mootools Uprade plugin installed and enabled, and is using the latest versions of SIMGallery and SIMAnswers, they will work straight out of the box.


Some users asked me how do they know if their website uses the Mootools Upgrade plugin from Joomla. It's easy to check. Go to your Plugin Manager, and look for the plugin "System - Mootools Upgrade". [Screenshot ] If it's enabled and your template supports it, you are good to go.

Sharing is Caring (ParaInvite feature):

We are happy to announce that a new feature is now available for users to update the domains attached to their licenses. To do so, please go to your subscriptions list (requires login) and click on the "Update Domain(s)" link beside the license you wish to change.

This will make it much more convenient for users when they change website domains or install the products on a new website.

Sharing is Caring (ParaInvite feature):
ParaInvite 3.0

Yes indeed, SIMAnswers 2.0 is finally here! This is the much anticipated major upgrade to the already famous SIMAnswers, the perfect Q&A solution for Joomla!.

This upgrade is packed with so many new features that it is sure to blow your mind! In fact, it is now so robust, an entire website can be created around it.

"SIMAnswers is the kind of extension that when you see it, you have to get it immediately, then think of what you want to use it for later. It has created so many new website ideas for me the past year, and I'm getting new ideas for it all the time!"
- Richard Bennett


"SIMAnswers is like instant Yahoo Answers or for my Joomla website"
- Wendez Fattori


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Sharing is Caring (ParaInvite feature):
Cron Job Starts